Perhaps the most important aspect of a computerised accounting system is the on going support and maintenance of the system. Once a business has made a comitment to an accounting system, that business comes to rely on the system to "keep the books". It is therefore vital that top quality on-going training, support and maintenance is available.

SmartBiz has therefore adopted the philosophy that no one knows our software better than us and therefore our clients should, where ever possible, deal directly with us, the original "manufacturer".


As a result of the "deal direct for support" philosophy SmartBiz Accounting Software has a very inexpensive annual licence, support, maintenance and update contract. This contract provides you with several key services:

A) It covers the annual licence fee;

B) It entitles you to "hot line" telephone support at no additional charge;

C) It provides a lifetime warranty on the product;

D) It entitles you to our discounted training fee rates for on-site training and support by SmartBiz staff;

E) It entitles you to receive, at no additional cost, the latest version of the software including all improvements and enhancements made since your last update.

And all the above costs only $74 per month or $740 per year if paid annually in advance. Please read the document "Software fees, what they are and what you get" to realise the incredible value and feeling of comfort you are getting for this small amount.

This service is ultimately as important, if not more so, than the purchase of the original product. We believe that, by dealing direct, you receive the best possible service and gain the maximum benefit from your powerful software.

Please note that a support contract is not mandatory with SmartBiz "Lite", given the simpler operation and lesser features in it. However, it is still strongly recommended.

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