To install the latest update (Version 2.58) on your computer, first print out this page. (Note: With some versions of browser this page may not print correctly. In that case, just click anywhere on this page then select "File", "Print Frame")

Then click on "Download the Update" at the bottom of this page.

NOTE:If you are running Internet Explorer, make sure you click on "Save this file to disk". DO NOT click or select "Open this file from its current location" under any circumstances.

Whilst you may save the update program to any convenient folder, it is best to keep all the Smartbiz programs and updates together, so it is probably best to save it as "\SMART\SMTUPD.EXE" (or use your mouse to select the "\SMART" folder, then select "OK" to accept the default name of "SMTUPD.EXE" in the "File Name" box).

If you are running a network, make sure you save it to the proper drive (usually F:), though some users are set up to run local copies of their programs. You need to make sure you save it to the correct place. If in doubt, right click on the Icon you run Smartbiz from, select "Properties", and the "Working" box will show where your programs are run from.

The above will copy the self-extracting file smtupd.exe file to your computer, which is a zipped file including all the programs needed for your update. The individual programs in this file then need to be unzipped as follows:

Select "Start", "Run" (Windows 95 and later). Where it says "Type the name of the program", type "c:\smart\smtupd.exe" and push [Enter]), or if you push the "Browse" button then change to the "\SMART" folder, and double click on SMTUPD.EXE.

In the box that asks "Unzip to folder", make sure you leave it as "\SMART" (or maybe "F:\SMART" if your programs are on a network "F:" drive), and click on "UnZip".

That will complete the update of your system.

Once you have printed out this page, then please click here to start the Download (1.505 Mbytes)
Once again, make sure you save it to your \SMART directory (folder) (on the network drive if you are running a network), and make sure that you don't select "Open this file from its current location" under any circumstances.

Please note that if you are running Bill of Materials, you must return here to download bomupd.exe and run it to also update your Bill of Materials programs before next using your system

Please note that this update only works for current user's of SmartBiz

There are several other files needed to run SmartBiz which are not in this update and which existing users already have.

If you do not currently run SmartBiz, then please click on "Download working version" now to get a full working version.

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